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Sharol Tilgner, ND, RH (AHG)

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Sharol Tilgner is owner, and teacher at Wise Acres Herbal Educational Center. She is author of the book "Herbal Medicine Form the Heart of the Earth" as well as the herbal video series Edible and Medicinal Herbs, Volume 1, and Edible and Medicinal Herbs, Volume II”. She is currently the editor of Herbal Transitions Ezine, and associate editor of Medical Herbalism. Currently Sharol is teaching classes, apprenticeships and intensives at the center, as well as working on new books. Her past includes founder and president of Wise Woman Herbals for 14 years as well as the Pacific NW Herbal Symposium.

Tapes featuring Sharol Tilgner, ND, RH (AHG). Click the tape name to view details. Click "ADD" to add the tape to your shopping basket.

Tape ID Tape Title Add
FH68-080 Naturopathic First Aid
FH68-230 Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction
FH68-240 "Save The Goldenseal!"
GA35-910 Plants of the Pacific Northwest: Native American Use
GA35-920 Plants of the High Desert Southwest: Native American Use
GA35-930 Naturopathic Botanical First Aid
HGA5N-221/223 (3-AUDIO CD DISC SET) The Contented Kidney, Part I and Part II
HGX5N-221/222 The Contented Kidney, Part I and Part II (2-Cassette Session)
NN45-030 Review of Current Botanical Literature
VWWH-001 VIDEO: Edible & Medicinal Herbs ~ Volume I
VWWH-002 VIDEO: Edible & Medicinal Herbs ~ Volume II
WAA57-151/152 (2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Herbs for Animals
WAA87-111/112 (2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Making Herbal Beers and Sodas
WAX57-150 Herbs for Animals
WW55-190 Plants of the Pacific Northwest
WW66-220 Identifying Easy-to-Grow and Use Medicinal Plants
WW75-121/122 Formulations (2-Tape Set)
WW75-230 The Politics of Herbs: Earth Ecology
WW75-310 Herbal Resources ~ Where to Pursue Knowledge
WW75-320 Occupations in Herbalism
WW85-160 Growing Herbs: Bio Perspective
WW85-270 The Contented Kidney
WWA975-231/232 (2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) The Politics of Herbs: Earth Ecology
WWA975-321/322 (2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Occupations in Herbalism

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